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In the next five years the development of Chinese aquaculture industry focus

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In recent years, Chinese fishery achieved rapid development and progress, and at the end of 2010, the national fishery economy output value reached one trillion yuan ($1.292948 trillion), accounting for 9.3% of the agricultural output value; The total output of aquatic products 53.73 million tons, the world for 21 years. Per capita occupancy of aquatic products reached 40 kg, is 2 times the world average; Fishermen per capita net income of 8963 yuan, is 1.5 times the national per capita net income of farmers; Aquatic products origin inspection qualified rate 97.9%. In 2014, China's fishery economy output value reached 2.0859 trillion yuan, the added value of RMB 971.8 billion, our country has become a veritable world fisheries superpower.
Aquaculture is given priority to with freshwater aquaculture in China, and its output accounts for more than 60%. In 2014, China's freshwater aquaculture production of 29.3576 million tons, 61.8% of output; Mariculture production of 18.1265 million tons, 38.2% yield. But in recent years, China's freshwater aquaculture also encountered some problems, after 2012 years of rapid development, since entering 2013, the main variety of aquaculture terminal prices continue to decline, especially in the northern area of carp, grass carp and tilapia of south central China, central China Eastern China bream fish prices fell the most serious. Because prices low, coupled with the rising cost of breeding, breeding profit space is compressed, led to large farming losses.
China's aquaculture production accounting for almost 70% of world output, China's aquatic feed production accounts for about 60% of the world's total output
In this case, the aquaculture industry in our country how to find a way out? In response, the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences researcher at the institute of feed, national biological feed engineering technology research center director Dr Hui-yi CAI analysis to, during the national "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, aquaculture of we will need to pay special attention to the top ten engineering construction, from fishing for propulsion, safety and health cultivation, continue to fishing, processing and circulation, leisure culture, facilities and equipment, scientific and technological innovation and proliferation from ten aspects, such as maintenance, policies and regulations construction, fisheries aquaculture power which details the following:
For advance
Fisheries development, well-bred, aquatic varieties in the prominent position, as the first priority; To want to be safe, aquatic fingerlings shall be examined to quality, to income, to benefit and development.
Healthy breeding
Accelerate the standardization of healthy aquaculture, improve the structure of breeding and breeding area layout, north and south, making great efforts to develop the deep water area, more than a pond to raise rice crab double charge, dual monohydrate, industrial farming, etc.
Leisure culture
Developing coastal harbor, leisure fishing, sightseeing, ornamental fishery, education, and other forms of recreational fishery base and recreational fishery demonstration area, expand the scale of the ornamental fish industry. Through recreational fishery development, expanding fisheries function, protect fishery culture inheritance and development.
Facilities and equipment
Strengthen aquatic seed multiplication farm breeding, aquatic animal epidemic prevention and aquatic products quality and safety supervision construction of facilities and equipment; We will promote standardization of aquaculture ponds, vigorously develop fishery facilities, improve the level of aquaculture equipment; To strengthen the construction of fishing harbors, perfect supporting AIDS to navigation, port facilities such as equipment monitoring system; Accelerate the reform of the national fishery management command system upgrade, fishery law-enforcement ship building base construction and law enforcement.

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