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Nantong Best Aquatic Foods Co., Ltd.  follows the employment philosophy of “people orientation, stressing on both morality and talent”.

1. “People orientation”: centered by people, putting people in the first place, giving full play to the people’s enthusiasm and subjective initiative.

Nantong Tianmu Insulating Composite Materials Co., Ltd. stresses on the employees’ growth and development to build a free development platform and promotion space for the employees.

2. Stressing on both morality and talent

 (1) Morality
1. Lofty professional ethics: Bear the overall situation in mind, put the general interest above all, take corporate development as our own responsibility, and combine strong entrepreneur spirit, high sense of responsibility and steady mindset.
2. Correct values: Upright, selfless and fair, advocate the concept of “No Pains, No Gains”, despise the unearned income and greed, get due returns through our own efforts.
3. Teamwork spirit: Stress on the overall situation, adopt cooperative attitude, care about the team’s whole target instead of personal interests.

 (2) Talent
1. Excellent specialized knowledge and skill: This is the essential requirement for the talents’ work competence.
2. Clear and specific target: On the premise of abiding by corporate rules and regulations, work for corporate development target creatively.
3. Objective analysis ability and independent affair handling ability: Under the circumstances of complexity and difficulty, make an accurate objective evaluation for compulsory tasks, and complete the tasks independently and accurately.

4. Practical creativity: Have original opinions and perfect thinking system, perform positive thinking in work, create novel reasonable proposals, and convert such proposals into new feasible action plan.
5. Strong fighting capacity: Vigorously combine short-term and long-term objectives, continuously enhance work performance, positively bear risks and stresses, and guarantee the completion of tasks with our unremitting efforts and innovative methods.
6. Communication and leadership: With sound communication skills and broad mind, carry out the work through communication smoothly, and develop it into individual leadership; able to encourage the subordinates to realize work and individual targets; able to work out relatively-high performance standard, and make the subordinates bear their responsibility and assist the subordinates in enhancing their vocational skills.
7. Learning ability: Learn lessons and summarize experience from your own or others’ success and failure in their work, realize progress through learning; update knowledge structure continuously, and able to learn new knowledge and skills.

Corporate prosperity is each employee’s wish. The company lays great hope in each employee, and tries to meet the employees’ material needs and spiritual needs. Hope that each employee can work conscientiously and earnestly and give full play to their talents in Nantong Tianmu Insulating Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

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